About Security Alerts

IPASEC works in conjuction with local and national security agencies in ensuring peace and security.

To this end, we encourage individuals to send us information on any security and peace related issue and where necessary, the concerned authorities and/or agencies will be notified to quickly act accordingly.

As much as possible, your personal information would be kept confidential, and only the necessary information will be relayed.

We, with our families, remain the victims of many unfortuante but preventable situations within our community. It is very important therefore that we make an effort to be vigilant and when we feel or see anything that can cause such situations, we must act to prevent it.

Sending a security alert will not lead to the arrest or harrassment of innocent individuals or groups of people, but will enable security agencies to put plans in place to stop any unfortunate situation before it happens.

Send an alert you have now, and protect people.

Send an Alert

If you have any security related information you wish to share with us, kindly provide the message and your name.

Security alerts and your identity are strictly kept confidential.
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