Muslim youth urged to be vigilant

Wednesday 29th May, 2019

Muslim youth have been urged to shun political vigilantism since killing and maiming political opponents are against the tenets of Islam.

Delivering a lecture on "Dealing with Political Vigilantism: the Zongo Youth Factor", in Accra last Sunday, a lecturer at the Accra Technical University, Dr Shani Bashiru, said Allah had dignified a human being with knowledge and wisdom.

Therefore, he said, Islam forbade Muslims from injuring or disgracing fellow Muslims or adherents of other religions in the name of politics.

Dr Bashiru said vigilantism, which involved killing and destruction of property, had the potential of creating chaos and instability in the country.

He, therefore, reminded the Muslim youth that "Without peace and stability you cannot say your prayers with peaceful hearts.

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"That is why Islam is about peace. That is why we should be the front-runners in dealing with vigilantism," he said.

The lecture was the fourth and last of the series of the 21st edition of the M.A. Mujahid Annual Ramadan Lectures organised by the Ghana Academy of Muslim Professionals (GAMP).