10 Scholarships awarded to the National Chief Imam for studies of Oil and Gas

Saturday 1st June, 2019

The Center for Non Destructive Testing (CNDT) and the AFRO-ARAB Group have jointly awarded Ten Scholarships for the study of Oil and Gas to His Eminence the National Chief Imam to mark his centenary birthday. 

We call for application from eligible Ghanaians within the Zango communities in Ghana with the following criteria:

1. Good command of English Language 

2. Good grades in Mathematics 

3. 2 referees a. Local Imam and b. Community Chief 

All correspondences should be directed at sonsetfund@yahoo.com or officeofnationalimam@yahoo.com

The entire Ghanaian Zango Community must be proud of Alhaji Salam, chairman of AFRO ARAB. Heís an inspiration to the Zango Youth.

We congratulate him and his patrons or colleagues in the business industry who support him in charitable activities in Ghana.

We canít pay them back but we believe that their rewards lies with Allah.