FUSAID vpaid courtesy call on the National Chief Imam

Thursday 1st August, 2019

FUSAID -Ghana, a Non-Governmental Organisation, in collaboration with Blaqsheep Multimedia Group and Nkechi Asante, have paid a courtesy visit to the National Chief Imam of Ghana, Sheikh Dr.Osman Nuhu Sharubutu.

The visit was to congratulate him on his 100th birthday and to show appreciation for his continuous advocacy on peaceful coexistence in the country.

“We visited the National Chief Imam’s to congratulate him on his 100th birthday, to express our appreciation to him for being a father to the nation and for his continuous advocacy for unity in the country. We also sought to seek guidance in living a peaceful life and to ask for his advice and blessings”, said Fusena Aziz, Founder of FUSAID -Ghana.

During the visit, the Chief Imam stressed on the need for peaceful coexistence and acts of forgiveness. He noted that by following the teachings of leaders of our faiths, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and Jesus Christ, everything comes with ease.

He said: “If Allah forgives us of our sins, who are we to not forgive others who offend us.”

Madam Aziz said the visit was a moment of a personal emotional connect, to ask for his blessings and prayers. “It was a spirit-filled moment for everyone who was present yesterday”.

She also noted that Sheikh Sharubutu is an epitome of trust and peace to the nation adding that Ghana is blessed to have him amongst us today.

The organisation also presented a citation to the Chief Imam which read:

His Eminence The National Chief Imam of Ghana,
Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu
Like a circle, the pursuit of excellence has no end.
In grateful recognition of your outstanding and unwavering commitment towards
 fostering peace and unity among all religious sects in Ghana and beyond.
And to congratulate you on your 100th birthday.
Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundation we set.
Your foundation is really set on solid rocks, your eminence.
Thank you for being an outstanding father figure to us all.
God bless you.

FUSAID -Ghana is a women and girl child oriented Non-Profit humanitarian organization that advocates for the rights of women and girls.

So far, the organization has had numerous partnership engagements and advocacy works such as partnering the Concerned Africans Youth Forum in the 2nd Edition of the Model ECOWAS Summit and the Ghana Deaf Association Youth Chapter for the Youth Empowerment and Indecent Exposure seminar at the Akropong School for the Deaf.

Also, FUSAID -Ghana organizes an annual vocational training program aimed at encouraging economic empowerment amongst the youth, especially women and girls. According to the founder, Fusena Aziz, the long-term objective of this initiative is to set up the FUSAID Vocational Training Centre to serve its intended purposes and objective.

“We also have the FUSAID Women’s Conference, which is an added voice to the campaign against domestic violence largely against women in Ghana and beyond. This conference highlights the causes and broad effects of this canker on the entire family unit”, added Madam Aziz.

Currently, FUSAID -Ghana holds an hourly online radio show on Saturdays at 5pm dubbed ‘Women In Focus’. The show, which is aired via Radio LM’s Facebook page, targets 21st century Ghanaian women who are breaking barriers to develop themselves and the society. It discusses societal issues and focuses on entrepreneurship, politics and leadership styles, women in advocacy works, and health and empowerment.