African Muslim communities convene in Istanbul

Saturday 19th October, 2019


Religious leaders from African countries are to meet in Istanbul on Saturday for a four-day summit, to be held under the auspices of Turkey's Presidency of Religious Affairs (DİB).

The 3rd African Countries Muslim Religious Leaders Summit will bring together ministers of religious affairs, religious authority directors and delegates, as well as academics, activists, journalists and writers from more than 50 countries.

DİB officials say the summit aims to provide a platform for Muslim communities from around the world to meet, restore neglected ties between the communities, discuss basic problems and solutions to them, cooperation on religious education and services and improve overall ties.

The summit also seeks to improve Turkey's ties with Africa's Muslim countries and communities and share Turkey's experience in religious services with Africa's Muslim communities and expanding existing political and economic relations between Turkey and African countries in the religious and cultural fields.

His Eminence the National Chief Imam and Grand Mufti of the Republic of Ghana, Sheikh Prof. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu led the Ghanaian Muslims to the Summit.